That tool of a guy who asks if you're doing something, but he never follows through with a date. He fishes to see if you're interested in him for an ego boost.
Girl 1: "John just asked if I'm free Friday or Saturday!"
Girl 2: "Oh, that's not going anywhere...He's a fisher."
by Kauâne December 08, 2013
A yeah FISHER is someone who plays on xbox (yeah cod) or (yeah i hate cod now its FIFA) all day. They are also known to think they are mesomorphs (muscly) and have even been seen eating fry ups in unhumanly short times!!! Also tends to sway and eat cathedral city cheese in 1 bite (used to be 2) but farrow doesnt like cheese.

If you see a yeah FISHER be sure to catch a photo, they are WANTED for bad things such as breaking paddling pools and sitting on you.
yeah fisher carol cod fifa fry up
by secretburger November 30, 2011
Someone who has more chromosomes than you or i, (the 21st one to be exact) and makes extremely random noises at extremely random times, for example his toung snap.
(His toung snap/click thing is approximately 1454.8 to the 15th power decibals)
Me: Hey, Fisher
Fisher: **SNAP**
Me: Dude, you've got an extra chromosome!!
Fisher: MEOW!!!
by Idont Havedowns January 28, 2005
Noun: A man, usually overweight, who doesn't understand the meaning of homosexuality and dates women far below his own age.

Verb: The act of screwing a girl anally, in the front seat of a car, without lube, on the side of the highway, at twilight, on a weekday.
Noun: "Man, that kid is such a fisher..."

Verb: "Dude, i totally fishered this girl last night!"
by arrogance1317 March 29, 2011
The Male Camel Toe, it as well can be known and referred to big asses.
That guy wears his pants so high its giving him a Fisher and you can pretty much see his balls.
by KISS-MMMM December 11, 2010
The art of burping and farting at the same time whilst riding a horse.
"I thought the drains had gone again but it turned out to be someone doing a Fisher."
by Horse. May 13, 2003
A game by which two contestants compete against each other to see who can upload the most urinal cakes into the other contestants anus.When each contestant is filled, each then consumes large amounts of Senecot laxatives. The first person to release all the cakes wins.
My ass is massive after that game of "Fisher"
by max April 13, 2005
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