a person that picks on newbies
stop being a fisher and leave some noobs for me
(mostly used on Initial D)
by Lau January 23, 2004
'To Fisher' is to cause major distruption at a social event.
"I spent 3 years in person for fishering at my uncle's wedding"
by Duchess, the May 12, 2003
A blood trait formed from an infection found in the urinary tracts of homosexual men who like rimming.This nasty disease can turn the carrier into a serial cum master,and can cause severe behavioural changes such as beastiality, necrophilia and masturbating in shoes.
I had "Fisher" now i'm married to a homosexual binman
by max April 13, 2005
a person that has extra 24 chromosomes. another way of saying someone's retarded
JL - "meow" (or a tongue snap)
AW - wtf stop being fisher! i guess a little bit of fisher rubbed on you.
MF - your fat
by Leester January 27, 2005
Someone who takes an opponent to a course which he has a clear advantage at and/or the other person has a clear disadvantage at. Used mainly in Initial D Arcade Stage.
"That guy just took my skyline to Akina downhill with his AE86, what a fisher"
by MAFD April 27, 2005
A boring and crappy suburb of Indianapolis. Mostly known for all of the males having crew cuts and all of the girls who look like shit. Fishers is also known for being Carmel's punk little brother that trys to copy, but never succeeds.
I threw my garbage in fishers because the girls love to eat it. In fishers they are famous for producing and eating garbage.
by Esanta December 28, 2007
° A person of constant thirst.
° Shameless
° Persistent
° Never stops trying to seek out attention by constantly irritating the fuck out of the victim.
Fisher - Even when the person is clearly not interested, the 'Fisher' continues to annoy them with questions, compliments, and constant annoyance.

° Someone who doesn't stop trying to hit on someone when clearly they are creeped out by them.

° Pre-teens who don't stop trying.

° "Jeez, I can't believe that cougar won't stop fishing on me with those cheesy ass compliments."

° "Omg , I hope we don't get fished on at the bar."
by YourGirlHere July 04, 2015
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