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Fishbucket is a game where the most important rule is to never tell Albert how to play, or play in is prescence.
Tricia: Let's play Fishbucket!

Nate: We can't Albert is here.

Albert: aww man
by domiNATE June 13, 2013

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slang for vagina
man I bet that girl has a hot fishbucket!
by jim May 15, 2004
Really stale poon, smells like fish
Dude you smell that fish bucket
Yah tht hasn't been washed for weeks
by hdyjsuehbdfjus February 27, 2010
The opposite of a "Rose Bush", a foul smelling vaginal region.
You don't like to fish? Then stay away from her. I hear she has a fish bucket...
by Thadus June 29, 2011