The total opposite of a sausage party.
Me and my homie went to the Kit Kat Club and it was a total fish fry. We thought all the chicks played for the other team beacuse of the dirty looks.
by Sabal Iwalum December 26, 2007
Top Definition
Any situation involving a large group of women in a relatively small space. The term is derived from the smell of vaginal secretions.
Man, that self-defence class was a real fish-fry.
by Tracey December 28, 2003
When there are more females than males at a location.

The opposite of a Sausage Fest
The View is a fish fry
by TheChampion613 November 23, 2011
An orgy consisting of one female and many males.
Sheila had a fish fry last night. Bobby, Timmy, Todd, Rob, and Bill were all there.
by D-Dog1985 July 21, 2008
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