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A man or woman who collects other people's gossip and spreads it around to all and sundry.
To gossip like an old fish wife
by MalonsMilk June 01, 2006
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a slag that is always shouting and generally being a loud slut.
woman: get your arse down here blood
Man: fuck you fishwife, you man mongering whore!
Woman: and?
Man: chavette
by Alice-Cooper July 03, 2005
Dirty old woman, who needs scrapped for a new hot young girlfriend.
Cotton Hill scrapped Tilly Hill for his new gf
by Dizzel April 27, 2005
a slang term for a male homosexual's wife
Melissa is married to Steve, but she's a fishwife, cuz everyone knows Steve sucks cock like a hoover.
by Dave Hoff April 28, 2005
An insufferable person who insists on marrying himself in the presence of a celebrity ghost.
Larry the Cable Guy, in the presence of the ghost of Rosie O'Donnell and her magpie familiar would be considered a fishwife.
by Joe Quinn February 29, 2008

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