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warm vagina, heavy fish scent ready for D.....
7th Grader.."I can taste Mrs. Johnsons fish Pocket from here"
Friend responds.."I wanna butter her muffin"

Fish Taco: If it smells like fish eat the dish.....if it smells like provolone you leave it alone.
by 1p1e2t6r8o4 February 02, 2009
1. A particularly smelly or musky vagina
2. The favorite restaurant of Brak on Adult Swim's The Brak Show.
Guy 1: Did you ever sleep with Wendy?
Guy 2: Yeah. She's hot and all but she's got a major fishpocket.
by AccordDude June 08, 2007
a stank ass pussy
"Damn she took off her pants, and unleashed that nasty fish pocket"
by BigBallsPeterr February 07, 2010