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An unexplictit substitute for "motherfucking".

"Firetrucker" is also an unexplicit substitute for "motherfucker".
"That guy is such a firetrucking jerk!"
by unusual1221 June 09, 2010
8 9
pissing your pants while partying. This may be intentional or accidental.
last nite i was so wasted i just started firetrucking
by the bro scotty July 31, 2006
36 13
when one is desperate to pee while dancing and pees their pants voluntarily. this could be at a club,bar,rave and such.
Jess: I cant believe it Julia is Fire trucking! EWWWW.
Julia: When ya gotta go ya gotta go.
by Jess E cah H January 07, 2008
14 3
since firetucking begins with 'f' and ends with 'ucking' firetrucking is known as fucking.
you are firetrucking retarded!!!
by BobbyJohnson134679 September 29, 2010
15 11
trying to put out a flame war by calming down the participants or distracting them with other topics. A popular tactic used by forum bitches who can't take a joke.
"Man, stop firetrucking and let us handle this you little bitch."
by Joe Blaw July 28, 2006
4 12