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pissing your pants while partying. This may be intentional or accidental.
last nite i was so wasted i just started firetrucking
by the bro scotty July 31, 2006
when one is desperate to pee while dancing and pees their pants voluntarily. this could be at a club,bar,rave and such.
Jess: I cant believe it Julia is Fire trucking! EWWWW.
Julia: When ya gotta go ya gotta go.
by Jess E cah H January 07, 2008
since firetucking begins with 'f' and ends with 'ucking' firetrucking is known as fucking.
you are firetrucking retarded!!!
by BobbyJohnson134679 September 29, 2010
An unexplictit substitute for "motherfucking".

"Firetrucker" is also an unexplicit substitute for "motherfucker".
"That guy is such a firetrucking jerk!"
by unusual1221 June 09, 2010
trying to put out a flame war by calming down the participants or distracting them with other topics. A popular tactic used by forum bitches who can't take a joke.
"Man, stop firetrucking and let us handle this you little bitch."
by Joe Blaw July 28, 2006

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