A pretentious, obese, bland motorcycle for pretentious, bland people. Built by Honda in an attempt to counter firstly the FZR, then R1, however falls short. Easy to ride in a straight line. Easy for posing. Simply a bland motorcycle. Usually bought by people blind to marketing gimmics and campains (squids) and never taken around a corner in anger.
Owner: "Look at my fireblade. It's the best sportsbike on the PLANET!"
Other conversant: "Why?"
Owner: "Cause Honda says so"
by GYTR July 03, 2006
Top Definition
The foundation of all sportbikes. The CBR "fireblade" produced by Honda is one of the top selling sporbikes world wide. Extreemly high build quality and a perfect blend of Power and Flickability. The Fireblade is also credited for being one of the top machines in racing and extreme stunt riding. Many critics say that without the fireblade sportbikes would be no where near what they are today.
The Honda fireblade is a fantastic motorcycle.
by KungFu April 01, 2005
An Invincible force Unstopable,Unbeatable, flawless of what they are doing.
Fireblade Meaning the Ownage of Owned.
by bobbyjonyo September 03, 2006
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