Fireass is also known in the UK as Chef's Arse, the result of working in hot sweaty kitchens
When I was working at the hotel I dreaded working in the kitchen then having to cycle home with a bad case of fireass or Chef's Arse. (Arse is the UK equivalent of Ass).
by Crispy Brown December 02, 2006
Top Definition
Everyone has a shitty day once in a while. Fireass is when your ass gets irritated by sweat activating the fecal matter left behind from a sub par wipe after shitting.
More common on hot summer days, fireass takes several hours to develope, and has different levels depending on the intensity of discomfort experienced.
" Oh man, I took a shit this morning, and I've been sweating like a pig... this FIREASS is killing me. I got level three FIREASS. I'm gonna go sit in a snowbank. "
by Marc O-C January 22, 2006
When you go to Taco Bell and your smomach starts bubbling and you have massive diarrhea. After you stand up and your ass is burning, the sensation is known as "fire ass".
You: Dude, that Taco Bell tasted so good last nite
Me: I dunno, man it didn't agree with me. Yo, that shit give me fire ass!
by Dave516 March 13, 2008
Eating lots of spicy food then burning your ass hole while shitting.
Mike: "I had fire ass the other day."

Alex: "oh did you eat an entire bag of flaming hot cheetos."
by gray dude March 01, 2014
A condition when excreting feces (taking a dump), your anus literally feels hot as a result of eating too much spicy food.
Where is your bathroom?, I think I'm going to have some serious fireass after going to that all you can Indian buffet
by Dandar October 26, 2005
"amazing" or "really good"

Used to describe a desired subject; often a compliment.

Usually used in a sentence before the actual subject.
That's some fireass pizza!

I was going to go eat with you guys, but my mom made some of her fireass lasagna, so I'll pass.
by ~JM December 02, 2008
a red headed person, whom logically has red hair on their ass as well.
Look at that fireass over there. Scorching everything he sits on.
by jeff March 05, 2005
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