a very sexy redheaded man
Omg that man is such a firecrotch
by glen March 17, 2003
pronoun: another word for a natural redhead
i got a call today fro mthe fire crotch it made my teeth sweat~
by spudder69 August 21, 2005
Some who has a fire in their pants. Usually have the whitest of skin.
Being ashamed of his fire crotch, David Maggio shaves his pubic hair in hopes that it will grow in darker.
by Ashley June 18, 2004
fire crotch is a term used to define someone's smoking hot crotch region.theyre arent many hot natural fire crotches out there.rare species i must say.
"I knew it was hot,but I didnt know it was on fire."

"dont touch that fire crotch...it will burn off your hand,or maybe even your tongue."
by Killa 13 August 31, 2006
The easiest girl to imagine naked, because you know exactly what's in her pants. The downside: you know she forgot to shave too.
I was seeing her fire crotch before I even got her home.
by JuanValdez February 02, 2004
This is when a individuals pubic area is red primarily due to Norwegian ancestory. These people have the ability to light cigarettes without the use of an incendiary device purely by placing their crotch in contact with it!
He ran out of matches so he used his fire crotch to light the cigarette!
by timer KWB August 17, 2006
a dyke who has the reddest of red pubes

one fugly ass bitch who has the nastiest of all fire crotches and looks like she was raped by a rabid mongoose at a very early age and then repeatedly smacked in the face with a metal pole.
yo, sheila has the best of the worst fire crotch ever! tell that bitch to close her legs, its a firey jungle!

Yo i was mackin on some hotties the other night when this fire crotch came up to me and made me vomit all over.
by fabby March 14, 2008

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