Dave Maggio-
Having red hair and having red pubs...hense fire crotch
Your mom has a fire crotch
by Jayme June 15, 2004
A person whose hair on their head matches their pubic hair, IE: the curtains match the carpet.
That person is such a firecrotch.
by Amanda May 26, 2003
a redhedded manwhore who think's he's very good in bed but, infact the truth is his ginger pubes make women want to vomit.
"rae duude, i slept with dom. hes SUCH a firecrotch"
by emma selston November 03, 2007
Someone who perpetually has a scorching case of Herpes or some other form of VD. See "Paris Hilton".
Lindsey Lohan isn't a firecrotch because of her red pubes. She's a firecrotch because of that nasty case of herpes she got from scissor-fucking Paris Hilton.

by El Papa May 06, 2007
he sexiest type of man out there. I want a guy with a hot fire crotch to fuck me
Oh yea baby spread your fire all over me and do me like an animal
by Lexus January 16, 2004
a redhead
My friend is a fire crotch.
by Blake November 13, 2002
a person (female or male) that is burning up in between tha legs.A really bad itch all up between tha legs from questionable things done
Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears all these hoes got that Firecrotch. sorry Pam got Firecrotch Too
by pg13 May 04, 2007

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