One who possesses an orange grundle. Usually has a very white shlong, with some pink. The female version never shaves, just has a giant orange bush.
Godamn look at that grundle, it's mad fire crotch.
by Frotch April 01, 2003
The persistant burning of the genital area after applying hair removal cream (see Veet, nair) and leaving on for too long.
I have a bad case of firecrotch! My asshole and vagina feel like they have been coated in battery acid! That's how you tell the Nair is working!

by Anna L. August 03, 2006
when your tampon string is too long and you need to cut it or in this case burn it to avoid embarrassment in your bathing suit @ the beach
when you try to cut the string and you have NO scissors or knife and the tampon is already in...what do you do? Turn to a lighter like Dana and light it while sitting on the toilet...the result: a fire crotch!
by Buu Top June 12, 2007
A person who sleeps around and could possibly be a carrier of sexually transmitted diseases.
Stacey is such a fire-crotch!
by Oakland94605 March 15, 2007
A red-headed bastard who has the same colored pubic hair as he does all over the rest of his godforsaken body. The Female Race can not be firecrotches.
Look at that sonofabitch fire crotch, Jimmy, he's gay!
by BlackFoxx October 12, 2005
Someone with red pubes who doesn't write B papers
Did you hear? The firecrotch wrote another B paper.
by Anonymous May 20, 2003
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