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Requirements: You must have a fire crotch, a penis, and two legs.

If you meet these requirements, then light the Olympic Fire, and let the games begin!

The fire-crotched male places both legs on the woman's shoulders. He then sets his penis on top of the woman's head. The fire crotch symbolizes the Olympic torch, and the resulting position resembles the stage on which the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners stand.

Regina: "I didn't know the 2008 Summer Olympics were already underway!"

Roberta: "Why yes, haven't you heard? Mike "The Fire Crotch" won all three places and has regained the Olympic Fire!"

Regina: "Hmmm. Well I better catch the next Winter Olympics so I can watch the Women's Arctic Log Competition!"
#olympics #firecrotch #fire crotch #redhead #arctic log
by Jeremiah Z. April 03, 2007
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