stupid child with red pubic hair
corey is a firecrotch, so is his mother and father.
by rayeraye April 24, 2007
Flippin Irresistably Ravishing Even Cunts Relish Over Their UNCommon Hottness
Megan: "OMG. I AM an ugly orange whore! SHIT!
Let's spend the rest of our pointless lives
trying to make ourselves look better than her."

Amy/Molly: "Let's call her a Firecrotch...
even though shes not a tramp like us...
and doesn't pull off her pants at the drop of a hat so we really don't know.
But, hey, were bitches so...LETS DO IT!"
by Thee Naomi November 14, 2006
another name for people who get a lot of attention in bed.
your such a fire crotch !
by Sades April 03, 2007
Red hair kid, A red haired kids undercarage has red hair as to his mr.johnsons mustach is red or Miss Johnson Lip hairs or red
"Dude your a gross Fire crotch"
"Take your fire crotch but away from here"
"Ur mum is a fire crotch"
by Joe Bennington February 25, 2006
Red headed person. Why do we call them that? Cuz there crotch hair is obviously red so ITS ON FIRE!
Michelle: Hey who's that person over there with the red hair?
Me: Oh that's just that dumb firecrotch.
by Meggie March 02, 2005
When your crotch is on fire
My joint fell in my pubes, now I gots me a fire crotch
by Matt September 30, 2004
One who possesses an orange grundle. Usually has a very white shlong, with some pink. The female version never shaves, just has a giant orange bush.
Godamn look at that grundle, it's mad fire crotch.
by Frotch April 01, 2003

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