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Firdaus comes from arabic word that means heaven. It closely the same meaning as The Eden. Whoever have this name must be very handsome,good-looking, descent, funny and beautiful inside out. In other words,Firdaus is just awesome! Whoever gets Firdaus as their love partner,must be real lucky.
Guy A: Oh my god,I just wanna be like Firdaus!
Girl B: I know right,Firdaus is just so awesome everyone wanna be him.
Girl A: Girl B,what you say if we have a threesome session with Firdaus? Must be real fun.
Girl B: Fo sho!
by FoxUniformCharlieKiloUniform June 13, 2010
A crazy muthafucka who is awesome and insanely crazy.
Did you hear about the guy who ate an airplane? He must be a Firdaus.
by Oxnor November 24, 2013