Dumb as rocks...completely and utterly retarded...The antonym of rescourceful. Can be used to describe the opposite of anything intelligent
Leaving your purse/wallet in a room full of complete strangers a finnerty thing to do.
by Kristen Bogner April 08, 2003
Top Definition
an ancient heraldic name from the county Roscommon in central Ireland, dating from the 3100 BC, named by king Foinne Natca, meaning White Snow in Gaelic. from his name comes Finnerty, Finney, Finnely and other such deritives. so, the name Finnerty is as old as the pyramids. stupid name, eh?
the Finnerty's emigrated in 1848 in Boston.
by wode July 02, 2007
It can be used for multiple purposes;

To pull a Finnerty is to shift or creep on a young female under the age of 19 normally doing the leaving cert or a year below even.

To be with someone who one of your friends have been with it may even be in the same night
I pulled a Finnerty last night.....

The Motto

"heres my key, philosophy, a freak like me, just needs some Finnerty!
by Rodders87 February 20, 2011
an easily scared pirate whose weapon of choice is a cup of hot coffee. it resides its natural habitat, tripping on the occasional sidewalk, crying at "emotional" parts of movies, as well as watching elimidate.

in the same family as the gavenda and the garbarino, this species can be found eating anything but canteloupe or honeydew.
"Did you just see that girl fall? She totally pulled a finnerty."
by gavenda March 19, 2006
An adjective that is reserved for an action so ridiculous, so ignorant, that one one type of person would ever commit it.
This "no parking" spot is reserved for finnerty people only.
by Flatbed April 17, 2003
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