Literal translation: Feeling too

Meaning: Feel like doing
I'm finna bouce
by Ekoldr October 16, 2010
look at the word above. Now...think of the word gonna... take a look at your keyboard. Notice that if you move one key to the left of the "g" you'll find "f" and if you do the same thing with the "o" you'll find an "i"... and I thank you

Just think of it as gonna, but better
The Dream (Falsetto) - "Finna put yo ass to bed tell me which way would you like it"
by gbmiller January 03, 2008
Intent to do something
I'm finna go cap his ass.
by Anonymous October 24, 2002
The act of doing something using the combination of "going to" and "fucking" in order to use less words, sound more hood, and/or sound funny.
Before: I'm so mad! I am fucking going to the mall to feel better.

After: I'm so mad! I finna go to the mall to feel better.
by jam like jelly December 14, 2008
A new arising word that basically means:
"Going To" or

Mostly used by blacks.
"I'm finna smoke this dro."
"Tomorrow I'm finna bang yomama."
by Pimpercrombie February 24, 2006
something randy would say
"i finna get lunch" "they said finna and it sounded so normal
by ashley paradero November 05, 2005
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