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A new arising word that basically means:
"Going To" or

Mostly used by blacks.
"I'm finna smoke this dro."
"Tomorrow I'm finna bang yomama."
by Pimpercrombie February 24, 2006
24 46
something randy would say
"i finna get lunch" "they said finna and it sounded so normal
by ashley paradero November 05, 2005
17 45
typo for "gonna" that people tried to make COOL.
1: "im finna go."

2: "dont you mean... gonna?"

1: "stfu. i said finna, i meant finna. get off my nuts"
by happybunny March 14, 2004
52 93
a mixture between 'FInish' and 'goNNA'
hence the term FINNA
whatchu finna do today cuz?

i'm finna go to the store real quick and get some swishers
by Berto December 13, 2004
18 78
A (5) Five dollar bill. Used along with ducket for $1 bill, sawbuck for a $10 bill and double sawbuck for a $20 bill
I got this cool gadget and all it cost me was a finna.
by Slowhand22 June 20, 2005
15 81