This is an abbreviation for the phrase, "Fucking going to." Originated in the 1950s as a result of rap-culture in the United States of America.
"I'm finna beat up phil!"
by finna April 21, 2015
Another way to say gonna. Also means fixing to
Im finna fuck her in the ass
by A mothafuckkin starfish May 18, 2014
About to something or go somewhere
"I'm finna go to the bathroom."

"I'm finna finish my homework."
by TGOd QUAd May 15, 2014
the way niggers say "going to"
T.I.: I finna hurt you nigga!

Gucci Mane: BUT I finna go eat some food right now nigga! BURR!
by everybody blow my D May 29, 2011
Literal translation: Feeling too

Meaning: Feel like doing
I'm finna bouce
by Ekoldr October 16, 2010
Meaning that you would like to do, should do, or are going to do something
I finna eat this burrito
by munsonburger February 23, 2010
"Finna" has no defenite meaning. Finna is a universal word and can mean just about anything.

1. doent beh ee fekeen klewnfesh

2. ya gats tuh be a mäwwlin
3. limit yourself to 3 finnas a day UNLESS you are on of The Original Finnas ( OG MARSHGOD, Maknah, Ramsus, Jeisenstat, Sheamus, Bollllliver and a few others who know who they are)
4. Pray to bassgod at least twice a day if not 4 or 5 times as the Original Finnas do so.
1. "Eyy yo Maknah, you fresh off the finna?" - Bollllliver

2. "The Holdup is finna wettt" - OG MARSHGOD

3. "Finna all day" - Ramsus

4. "Finna stop saying Finna" - Jeisenstat

5. "What's good young finna (Maknah)" - Sheamus

6. "Keep it based finna - Maknah
by The Finnas July 24, 2014

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