Preparing to or Fixing to
A folk, I'm finna jump up on shawty.
by Ricky Rivers September 15, 2003
about to
I'm finna go to the store.
by Belinda Williams September 19, 2003
Ebonics word that is supposedly a contraction of the words "fixing to". Can also mean "going to".
The girl who was making gastrointestinal noises at Nicolet's Congress said, "I finna get my nails done."

When the teacher asked the student who was wandering the halls where he was going, he replied, "I finna go to the bathroom."
#ebonics #fixin' to #going to #gonna #finnah
by OrangeXenon54 February 28, 2006
going to
origin: abreviated from fixin' to
by celestial seasoning April 25, 2003
An overused ghetto term that has completely lost its meaning of "going to," and can now be used in any sentence in almost any way.
Brady: "That movie was finna swag"
Michelle "What? That doesn't make any sense"
Brady: "You finna shut yo ugly ass up and finna swerve bitch"
Michelle: "..."
#finna #fina #finnna #going to #useless
by rockrchick56 May 16, 2013
Finna means gonna. It can also be viewed as a typo for gonna on the keyboard.
Damn, finna get me a blanket 'cause it's colder than Gucci, BURR!
#finna #gonna #going to #gona #gon'
by Laylurr December 16, 2010
A slang way to say "fitting to" or "fixing to".
I'm finna murk this dude right now.
#fitting to #fixing to #slang #funna #going to
by Nate Cz September 17, 2006
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