finger toes - toes that are as long as fingers...
Max: "ew! Shane and I were getting ready to go for a swim and he took his shoes off, his toes are as long as fingers!"

Stacy: "ugh! He has fingoes!"
by Frizzy Beard May 17, 2012
Top Definition
A typo made on a mobile device, where you're not actually typing.

A portmanteau of "Finger" and "Typo"
Dean: Hey whats up?

Emily: Npt Mycnh

Dean: Are you drunk, or epic Fingo?!
by kiwicvnts September 05, 2013
One who speaks in a broad accent and is difficult to understand
Hey, Deco, what did ya say ya flaming fingo?
by Jackety Smith March 14, 2007
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