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1. Diarrhea of the fingers - the written equivalent to verbal diarrhea

2. A condition that develops when typing a quick thought turns into a spewing of disorganized spontaneous words that quickly deteriorates into written chaos, not necessarily associated with watery fecal evacuations.

3. A long and often inappropriate response to a simple courtesy IM question like "What's up," when the answer realistically should be "not much."

4. The act of typing TMI (too much information).

5. The result of thoughts flowing directly from the brain to the fingers in a chat session where there they pass no filter and once typed cannot be taken back, unless of course you immediately type FINGERRHEA! in the chat which nullifies the stupid words you just typed and requires forgiveness.
1. "Wow that was a long email!"
"Indeed! Sylvia had another bout of fingerrhea!"

2. Fingerrhea in action "Hey, really quick - I love you! But maybe you don't love me, and if you do maybe you should tell me. I'd like to hear it, too, ya know? I think I want to get married and have your babies and then vacation in the south of France, love bunny, fru-fru, airchip, sundance, blib, gyrg, zzzzzzzzbup......."

3. "What's up?"
"Well I stubbed my toe this morning walking to the bathroom. This time it was my second toe; usually it's my big toe, but not today. Sometimes I stub my pinky toe - that really hurts bad. You know, maybe I should have turned on the light. You'd think I'd have the hallway memorized since I've lived there 5 years. Do you turn on your lights to walk to the bathroom?"

4. "Don't ask him what time it is - he will fingerrhea the meaning of time."

5. Girl: "Did you like the dress I wore last night?"
Guy: "UGLY!"
by Anonarrhea October 17, 2006
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