the motion of putting one or more of the divisions of your hand (your fingers) into a pussy for whatever reasons, girl's pleasure, boy's pleasure, low self esteem (a girl has nobody to fuck).
man that porno just made her want to finger herself, hot shit.
by Joe March 14, 2004
A part of the body that is about to be shoved up the reader's ass because he doesn't know what a fucking finger is.
The reader is so fucking dumb that he still needs an example for the word finger
by ur momz0rz October 08, 2006
Something on your hands that never seem to fing...
Oh wait, there they go.
by Jiub September 02, 2003
The arms of our arms
When you think about it, fingers are just our arms splitting into other little arms
by Pie Stealer January 12, 2015
Digits of the human hand that during courtship (with any luck) small lkie fish.
Knock-knock. "Who's there?" Wilma. "Wilma who?" Wilma finger do until I get my pants off.
by hoze October 25, 2004
A person who does/has taken part in a activity in which they are to finger their bumhole
what a fingers
by Rosieyoloswag June 23, 2015
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