to insert a finger/multiple fingers into a girls pussy. also considered fingering it simply rubbing a girls clit until she orgasms. causes girls to scream or moan and can lead to an amazing blowjob or fucking ;)
guy: my cock is getting so stiff just looking at your hot body rite now. lets fuck
girl: no! finger me first. i wanna get wet b4 u fuck me
guy: (puts lube on his fingers and slides his index and middle finger into the girls pussy while massaging her clit with his thumb)
girl: mmhmm o yes mmhmm (orgasms and cums all over guy) ok now lets fuck!
by Holly Zinglewits June 28, 2007
What I do when I'm horny.
Today I came home, to find that no one else was home. I hadn't fingered myself in a while and I was really horny. I went into my room and stripped myself naked. I jumped and laid on my bed and spread my legs wide. I told myself that it was Johnny's dick being thrust into me and I pictured him doing so. I started with one finger just to warm things up. When I started to get wet, and put in two and began going in and out, in and out. By this time I was moaning and screaming. It felt so good. I couldn't believe that it'd been over three months since my last fingering. I then put in 3 fingers. And that hit the spot. I was going in and out hard and fast now and I couldn't stop. It felt so good. Too good. I began moaning and screaming and just as I was about to orgasm, Johnny came into my room and stood there naked. I stopped, got up, and pulled him onto the bed with me. He hovered over me while we made out passionately and I could feel his huge dick on my wet pussy. I whispered in his ear that I was ready and then we made hard and long love that day.
by BeachGirl058 June 08, 2010
1)The act of a person inserting one or more fingers into either a womans vagina, or a man (or woman's) anus. When done on a woman, results in "orgasmic pleasure" derived from the motion of the finger rubbing against the clitoris.
The fingers are put together, and when inserted from above, enter the vagina in a hook shape, and then go in and out to give a maximum amount of pleasure to the woman. The consequences of a good fingering are fingers smelling like catfish, and a good blowjob from the recipient in gratitude.
Also see "eat out".

2) Each of the four slender jointed parts to either hand (or five if thumb is included)
1) "She wouldn't give me a blowjob unless I fingered her first"

2) Fingering a girl without fingers is just wierd
by Twista42 April 19, 2006
first you get a girl naked, then you spread her legs wide open and rub her clitoris. this makes her even hornier. then u start sliding ur fingers in her vagina. she'll moan and hopefully have an orgasm. its pretty hot
last nite i slept at nicks and he got me in bed and fingered for so long. it felt great. omg
by blondieee911 August 22, 2008
Touching inside her pussy. Try thinking "i want to make her cum over here" motion... She will start breathing harder. she'll be wet and horny after: ready for you to enter her. To get her to orgasm quicker, use the palm job technique... The palm gets her clit.
female: babe, i want you to finger me.
Male: later
female: i wont have sex with you if you don't finger me right now XD
Male: you bitch. cum here.

friend: after he fingered you, did you orgasm?
her: no. he didn't do the palm job technique.
friend. he didn't? why the hell not??!

1. You deserve a reward for giving me such a great blow job in the car... i'll finger you when we get home.
2. ooo, your not wet...let me fix that babe: with my finger.
3. don't hurt your tongue babe, just finger me and use the palm job method.
4: your pussy likes that finger.. lets see how the pussy likes this big dick in her.
by hateporn September 13, 2013
when a guy or girl shoves his or her finger(s) into a girls pussy hole until she cums everywhere ..very enjoyable on the girls half ..and also on the person fingering ..
when my boyfriend fingered me he used 3 fingers and i moaned so loud and then i cummed everywhere
by alifgdgdf February 07, 2006
Finger; n. -Those things coming out of the end of your arms. Originally named 'Arm-toes.' Designed to hold a beer bottle nicely. Useful weapon for throwing at predators.
'They call them fingers, but I've never seen them fing.'
by F. Johnston August 08, 2007
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