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A little fish named Emo runs away and tries to commit suicide. His father goes on several adventures to try to find Emo, so that child services won't arrest him, again. Emo ends up joining a whiny "rock" band, and gets rich from stupid losers who watch MTV.
a great movie starring Ellen DeGeneres
by Cindy June 28, 2004
A simple game, to be played in an urban environment for the best results.

1. Spot an emo kid for 1 point,there are many kinds folks ex. dressy-emo, nerd-emo, goth-emo, punk-emo, rockstar-emo, poser-emo, retro-emo, hippy-emo,fag-emo etc.

2. 1 bonus point is awarded if the above spotted emo kid is wearing brand name affiliated clothin (sorry...globus doesn't count)

3. 3 bonus points are awarded if you can identify the persons unique dehabilitating emo condition ex. whiny-made_fun_of_in_high_school-dye_my_hair_black_cause_its_blond-emo or slick_(4'11" 100p)-tough_guy-vegan-leather_jacket_wearin-fonz-lookalike-soy_latte_drinkin-emo

4. The only way you win this game is if you spot an emo kid wearing a beaver skin hat (sorry folks...those are the rules)
Victoria is a good place to play finding emo because people enjoy expressing themselves...especially because its the in thing.
by Junglistbadbwoii December 21, 2003
group of people who are trying to find the emo within
those guys are finding emo
by Julie w. November 20, 2006
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