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A neo-mainstream theory or ideology developed from the bizarre situational deaths in the movie, "Final Destination." Final-destinationists (also called catastrophists) will witness a seemingly harmless situation then explain in great detail how lucky you were x event didn't happen because it would cause your very gruesome demise...that they also explain in great detail.
Oh man, are you alright?! You just tripped next to that chair! Good thing you didn't fall cause that drawer is open and if you fell, you would've gone over the chair and hit your eye on the drawer causing the cabinet to topple over onto your computer which would shoot out sparks and set the whole place on fire and you would burn to death while being crushed with the corner of a drawer in your are SO lucky."
"I think Al's Final-Destinationism is getting out of hand."
by jaci_b September 28, 2007
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