Originally a character from Skies of Arcadia on the Dreamcast (RIP), Fina grew to legendary status among the chosen few on ukchatforums.com, when one fabled night, a certain Whitestripes declared "Oh, my sister Fina might use this account sometimes" on MSN to thegerrid and others. After several months of people talking to 'Fina', thegerrid found himself talking to both Whitestripes and Fina, apparently they were sharing a computer. It then transpired that WS would attempt to convince thegerrid that he and his 'sister' Fina regularly had sex and that she was undressing in the bathroom right now ready 'for a spanking'. Obviously, a shocked thegerrid saved the conversation, and sent it to a few select people, who then found out that Fina was a figment of WS's imagination, and wholly based on his 'internet girlfriend' who was seriously into Sailor Moon.
It's another Fina situation guys.
by thegerrid August 02, 2004
Commonly used in situations of excitement or ownage.
Dude: "Let's go have a beer"

You: "F'in A!"
by Brent Siemer May 23, 2007
Fina is the magical walrusicorn that gives children the gift of wrapped up empty boxes. Because of this, he has multiple bounties on his head.
Damn, Fina got me another empty box!
by Walrus Unicorn October 22, 2012
The sexiest black man to set foot on this planet. His dick is usually so big that he has to tuck it into a crown royal bag at night and make a hole for it to poke out of so that if he gets a boner it won't be cramped.
Damn, I can't get over the fact that Finas is so damn sexy. I don't care if he is a guy, I wanna do HIM!
by Slap Jackin October 26, 2004
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