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Five dollar bill, commonaly used amonst the negro population of the chicagoland area
"Yo, you gotta fimp I can borrow"
by Fucko July 23, 2003
A fake ass pimp. Someone who trys too hard to be smooth with the ladies.
That guy cant pimp any girls. What a fimp!
by Alex Wente December 07, 2003
Quando escrevemos um texto interativo e digital, que inclui som e imagem.
Vou escrever um fimp para ela;
Vou fimpar alguns trabalhos;
Já tenho três fimps pra ler.
by pingonegro May 31, 2014
Female pimp or player. Has multiple male partners. Hangs out at Dooley's often.
Ive Ben fimped out to some felmale whores tonight. My fimp rented me to some bitches tonight.
by pimpmasterflexMY June 08, 2012
acroynm= Farted.In.My.Pussy. Refers to when a woman is seated in a certain position where gas is expelled from her asshole and winds up in her chocha. may also be referred to as a reverse queef.
Hey honey, did you F.I.M.P. when we went over that last speed bump? Yeah, we should probably wait a little while before we fuck...
by FIMP Daddy November 25, 2011
V. Facebook pimped. Facebook sucking one in and exploiting the fact that they are easily distracted. This usually occurs when one has important things to be doing.
Person 1: Hey, did you write that Intercultural Communications paper that's due tomorrow.
Person 2: Man, it took me three days to write. Everytime I tried to do it I got totally fimped.
by Katie Mey October 14, 2007
A FAKE ASS PIMP. you know, the ones that dress in the pink and everything, but they don't get the girls, maby a couple... but they all but ugly!
archie is a fimp! look at them ugly girls!!!
by Lil' Skar March 22, 2004
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