on christmas you cover the floor with dirt (or danieles face) and you place your penis in her ass and you pull out and you take the shit thats on your penis and you put it in the milk by the fire place and santa has a nice surprise
one time my friend brian gave this women a filthy santa by placing a pail over her head because he didn't want to look at her and than she drank the milk ya know cuz daniele is gross ya know she looks like a human herpy ya know she smells like an elephants asshole ya know she likes to lick da trunk while gettin humped while watching forest gump ya know shes ugly like ass ya know
by mamoth milf balls March 18, 2008
Top Definition
An alcoholic shot that is half milk (preferably Vitamin D) and half Vodka (preferably unflavored Burnett's)...You must also take a bite of a cookie before drinking.
Dude, you lost the drinking game so now you have to take a Filthy Santa while we take a video. Try not to puke!
by Gooooooch July 03, 2012
Similer to a dirty sanchez or a filthy sanchez but this involves putting 2-3 fingers into her anus, collecting the fecal matter then spreading it around her face and mouth area creating a beard like effect on the recipient.
After taking the prom queen on a date I took her home, fucked her relentlessly and capped it off by giving her a filthy santa in keeping with the christmas spirit.
by Jim St James September 30, 2010

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