Originally referring to those 2nd generation filipinos in Australia.
Dickhead: man we all filoz bro
Filo: dude, you ain't filo, you were born in Manila
Dickhead: (shame)
by Michael Owen August 21, 2003
One whose purpose is to love and is filled with love.

A term originally derived from the Latin root Phil, meaning love, ending with an -o to make the term singular and personal: Philo = I love.

A play on the similar "fill" and "phil" sounds combines the word "philo," with "filled" to mean "I love filled" - therefore, a "Filo" is one whose purpose it is to love and one who is filled with love.

A person who loves and is filled with love is a Filo.
"I can't get over what a Filo that guy is, he lives so radically!"
-"I know! He's practically a Mother Teresa!"

"My husband is so loving. I'm so lucky I married a Filo."
by Mariella Oleander February 07, 2010
Term used to describe filipinos living in Australia
"Is that chick Vietnamese or Chinese" "Na dude she's Filo"

"I feel like some filo food tonight"
by Harry69 November 11, 2009
in chile, it means "whatever"
person 1: "no te preocupis, weon"
person 2: "filo, weon.. pucha, que lata"
by rolitaz October 29, 2005
the type of dough used to make baklava by us Arabs
Baklava has different ingredients depending on the region you're in. The Arab recipe added rose water, nuts, and cardamom to the filo along with the other ingredients. Cardamom is considered an aphrodisiac and was therefore traditionally served in harems.
by MintyLeila November 11, 2005
Word invented by 2nd generation filipinos (usually living overseas)who think they are all that.
1. People(dumbasses) from Evans High School: who think they are asian but they look, and act black.
2. People from SAC: who look like asians (with the hair and fair skin) but act just as black as Evans HS.

*Therefore a "Filo" is described as a person with a filipino descent but more of a "tryhard" or a wannabe gangsta with a smaller penis than normal people.
"a dude that filo acts black cause he has a small penis"
"I'm Filipino but call me FILO cause IM cool and I have a smaller penis than normal people."
by arroyo December 08, 2006
Drugs or Alcohol
usually used as a safe way to indicate illigal substances, usually marijuana.

The act of bringing drugs or acohol into the body. i.e. smoking or drinking.

Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

can also be spelled pheelo or any other way as long as it is audibly said correctly.
"Dude we need to pick up some filo"
"Dude, hide the filo"

"I think I'm gonna filo a bit before I go to bed"

"Dude are you filo?"
"Dude I am sooo filo right now"
by Rasta-Mon March 29, 2004

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