Friend I'd Like to Fuck
Yo! Did you see my friend Shaniqua? That's a F.I.L.F. right there.
by bmaxxxxxx March 29, 2010
"Feminist I'd like to f**k;" an extremely sexy feminist; Laci Green, Emma Watson, Ian Somerhalder, Ryan Gosling, and many more.
Did you see the newest Laci Green video?

Yeah! She's so smart, funny and sexy. She's a FILF.
by HellaJaded November 04, 2014


Like to

I was sat minding my own business the other day with my friend Laura, and her dad walked in, and was like ' whoa Laura your dad is absolute FILF'
by The ant eater September 21, 2009
Fatty id like to fuck.
I'd totally do that oversized filf.
by splint0r July 05, 2009
Father I'd like to fuck !!!
Jude Law was elected the sexiest father this year (FILF), and as well as we call women with children for MILF, there ought to be a similar expression for fathers- they're hot, too.
by gipsy mama August 02, 2010
An old man who's hot enough to fuck. Similar to MILF's. Wrinkled like prunes.
Man: Hey. My dad's a FILF.
*Man shows woman a picture of his dad*
Woman: Eww his dick's got a lot of wrinkles wtf
Man: He's a good fucker.
by Maccer_Kelly June 12, 2011
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