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3 definitions by evrready

"Father I'd Like (to) Fuck” An extremely handsome/sexy dad with a nice butt and a big pant bulge.
Damn girl did you see Tommy’s dad, I don’t care if that man does have grey balls he is still a FILF

“Ummmm like OMG I don’t think that’s gunna fit”
by evrready February 25, 2006
"Mother I'd Like (to) Fuck" On her terms.
"Now your going to do it the MILFyway, Take em off, lay down, what ever you do “don’t talk”, and if you ever tell anyone I will kick your ass and tell everyone how small it is".

"mam… may I please have another”
by evrready February 06, 2006
A very successful and accomplished "Mother I'd Like (to) Fuck" Player.
I dont know how he does it but when it comes to getting layed that boy can deal, he must be a milfionaire by now.

"Got any kwell lotion? penicillin? Anybody"
by evrready February 25, 2006