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To chill, to take it easy.
Just Filet son, just filet.
by Dave Berstein August 22, 2003
6 22
The part of the inner thigh where fat builds up. The filet is extremely tender (given it does not get much sun) and is an ideal target for 5 starring.
Yeah he's a porker, must have some impressive filets.
by TyCoLicious January 20, 2011
16 5
Filet is a shortened way to say "for later."
I can't finish all this food right now, so I think I'll just save it filet.
by KSUMD November 04, 2010
13 14
to act in a homosexual manner
to be homosexual
clearly acting in a flambouantly gay manner
Dude, you're such a Filet
Omg, that guys just took a picture of you, and he was such a Filet
So i went to the gay bar and it was full of Filets
by Dick Bomgardner May 13, 2008
11 26