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Extreme exaggeration concerning professional fights like boxing, but especially MMA. The announcers and commercials advertising the fights, usually saying something outlandish in reference to one of the fighters, their style, or their record. Often describing someone as "The Greatest ___ alive"!
Dana White: "This is going to be the biggest fight in the history of MMA!"
Me: "Man, this cat says that EVERY TIME there's a PPV fight, straight fightperbole"!
Joe Rogan: "(Insert name here) is without question the best fighter in the world!"
Me: "Does he have to use so much fightperbole all the time"!?
Frank Shamrock:"He is the best lightweight power puncher in the history of the sport!"
Me: "No, that would be Spencer Fisher. Why so much fightperbole"?
Danielle: "She has the best submission game of any woman in the sport, and better than most of the guys."
Me: "You're so full of shit. That's fightperbole and you know it."
by Alabaster Croti October 15, 2011
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