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The act of trying to conceal a fart but giving yourself away by giggling two-five seconds after said fart. Derrived from the words fart-meaning letting gas out of ones ass and giggle meaning silly laughter.
Those stupid sluts totally just figgled.
by beezy013 October 18, 2007
When you giggle and a fart comes out.
Minh le stop being so funny or I will start to figgle.
by Fartsniffer January 04, 2013
A man form the West.
A rouge, a coward and a rapscalion
You Sir are a Figgle
by Dr Perlof Tang January 13, 2004
a figgle a large gay man that shakes and or wiggles his bubble butt to anyone that he thinks is interested in him. he especially loves shaking it in public..
person 1)
oh good jesus christ look at that figgle.

person 2) oh god man thats fuckin sick. i hate figgles
by xxxbluexeyesxxxx July 20, 2006
1. ) The process of slowly fingering an asshole.
2.) The process of stuffing cocaine in your anus and then farting, so that everyone in your proximity can get high.
1.)After Ben figgled with Summer his fingers smelt bad.
2.) Ben was pretty high after Sam figgled in his face.
by Diddy Shark rex October 15, 2013
A variant on 'fiddlesticks' or 'curses', a mild expression of dis
"Hey man, I drank the rest of your beer." "Figgles."


"Figgles. Who let the dogs out?"
by Pepper February 22, 2005
A name for a dork, nerd, geek, gothic, perv, or anyother wierd people. Usually refers to a male.
Ew!!! Did he just eat a booger? What a figgle!!
by ANTI.FIGGLE.IST October 28, 2010
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