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the alterntive word to "NiggerFaggot" which is mainly used in public to not offend a active niggerfaggot.
(black people are present) hey look at that figgernaggot jon smith.!

by Jadonian August 25, 2007
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Someone who you seriously want to offend in a public area, but don't want to be seen as a racial offender.
HEY! Come back here with my watermelon, you figger naggot!
What did he just say?
It's okay, he didn't use a racial slur.
by Finna Succ a Nut January 20, 2017
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idubbbz is a figger naggot and he did your mom and thats why she is dead
yo idubbbs just figger naggot you.
by Your mum died April 20, 2017
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