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a person that looks really skinny and hot from about 50 feet away, but not 5 feet away
that was the guy i thought wasfine as hell?!?!?
by elizabeth April 09, 2004
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good from afar, but far from good. usually describing a women that looks rele hott from a distance, but as you get closer u realize that shes busted/ugly/nasty.
Friend 1: you see that grl over ther? she looks mad hott.
Friend 2: nah man, shes good from afar, but far from good.
Friend 1: yea true, shes a fifty pacer.
by Deppo June 19, 2004
A person who looks hot from 50 paces, but not from two.
"Sarah's really hot!"

"How close have you gotten? She's a total 50 pacer."
by thlayli January 13, 2003

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