Fault is External. Typically this is commonly used regarding technology, where someone thinks their device is faulty and when asking someone who is knowledgeable of the device they discover the fault is with the user not the device
Your phone issue was FIE, but if you use it the way I descirbed it should be fine from now on
by klansimpson October 17, 2010
Short for Function If Else. A very experienced PHP programmer who has been refered to as god-like many times.
2. FIE will you help me with my php/mysql code? I can not figure out what is wrong!
by EIF October 07, 2003
(Fire) verb. Means cool, phat, nice, off da chain.
Man dats a fie ass car.
by tinkabell_diva October 03, 2004
Fie is anpother word I use for Fu*K. It does not sound as vulgar.
Oh fie, I locked myself out of the house again.
by ivanna kitty August 29, 2008
Sperm, semen, or seed
Fie fie delish, all up in your face bitch!
by TheDrunknBunny June 22, 2005
The state of being almost fine, but slightly disappointed
Person 1 : Is there any cake left?
Person 2 : Nope
Person 1 : Ah, Damnit
Person 2 : Sorry
Person 1 : It's fie
by Zi Roh August 02, 2014

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