"Fiddy" is another word for fifty. The word is normally applied when speaking of Swag Points. When one does something involving any kind of swag the audience decides how many swag points he will recieve. The highest swag points one is able to recieve by the audience is Fiddy. Swag points are given based on how one dresses or acts. Swag points can only be given to people in a specific phrase. The phrase goes like this: :"(number of swag points) Ay yo ma nig, da swag right der be worth(number of swag points)" When one receives a score of Fiddy he is a true Swagger.
(Someone wearing low jeans with a Yankees hat)
"20 Ay yo ma nig, da swag right der be worth 20"

(Someone wearing low jeans, jordans, lakers hat...(in other words this guy is going all out with swag)
"Fiddy Ay yo ma nig, da swag right der be worth Fiddy!!!"
by FiddyMaxSwag August 12, 2012
One of the most sought after watches on the market today is the Panerai 127. This rather large watch (47 mm) has the numbers 1950 on the dial and there were only 1,950 ever made. Collectors refer to this watch as the "Fiddy", shortened from 1950 or 50.
The hot girl noticed that I was wearing my Fiddy from across the football stadium.
by Sollie September 03, 2007
50 Dollar bills
-We make it rain with fiddies in this strip club boy!
-We throwin fiddies on these biddies boy!
-We aint got no huneds but we got fiddies boy!
-Damn i be spendin mad fiddies on these nintendo wii games
by alloyd December 12, 2011
The number fifty (50).
That boy owe me fiddy bones.
by Mike Beech February 02, 2004
An alternative name, use by older kids who stunt, race, or jump them, for an Honda XR50 / CRF50 (a miniature dirtbike).
I'm gunna stunt the hell out of my new fiddy.
by f4rider April 24, 2004
another slang word for FAKE as commonly heard at Scots College
fiddy italian, fiddy i.d
by seo5 November 27, 2007
Nickname for a Ford F-1 Fiddy
I was rolling in my fiddy, on 20-fooor's.
by CM September 26, 2003
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