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Attraction to fictional characters. Fangirls most commonly are afflicted with this.
Attraction to ficitonal characters: Harry Potter, Legolas, Eragon, etc.

'I'm a fangirl who has fictiophilia. I like Numair, from the Immortals, by Tamora Peirce.'
by fantasizing_fluff November 19, 2006
55 4
The attraction to fictional characters, could be either from books, video-games, and anime, etc.
I suffer from fictiophilia and I'm in love with Ikuto Tsukiyomi and Cloud Strive!
by Queen Of Fangirls July 14, 2011
15 4
Most commonly afflicting fangirls, it is a condition that involves being irrevocably in love with a fictional character, sometimes involving writing fanfiction and many many pieces of flair.
I suffer from fictiophilia on a daily basis for Draco Malfoy and Edward Cullen!
by caitisplain May 30, 2009
12 2
attraction to fictional characters, most commonly from harry potter books.
People nowadays are becoming more fictiophilian and obssesed with fictional characters.....
by Mimilina October 24, 2007
11 6
Attraction to fictional characters.. Most commonly from Harry Potter books. In my humble opinion.
Examples of someone with Fictiophilia:
"I'm going to mother Ron Weasley's children!"
Or even more annoyingly; "OMG! DRACO IS SOOO HAWT!!"
by Ashes<3 April 08, 2007
18 14