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Information pertaining to a fictional character, story or event. Similar to a fact, but fictional.
Superman is from Krypton, Fict. Fict: James Tiberius Kirk became Captain of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 in 2264.
by NOrefX December 29, 2012
the opposite of a fact
giraffes live in trees - this would be an example of a fict
by tom sands July 18, 2004
A piece of information that has been presented as truth but is false or unproven. Ficts can be presented intentionally or through complete ignorance. The opposite of a fact.
Today I learned a very interesting fict: the urban dictionary is used by ivy league professors more often than any other reference.
by Ricky Kash March 14, 2010
Noun. Truthy sounding fiction often statistical in nature. As opposed to a fact. Often used for political purposes.
Plural: ficts.
One of the Republican ficts is the President's trip to Indonesia is costing taxpayers $200 million dollars a day.
by Granny133 November 10, 2010

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