One who desperately seeks attention yet never finds it and realizes he/she is a failure. Although everyone hates them, people pretend to be friends with them. Also knows as a groupie. They are knows to do odd things such as seduce small children and recice oral sex from various household animals.
Person 1 "So why does he always hang out with us?"
Person 2 "I don't know. He's a fickert."
by Stiffy McFarfleflaffer December 01, 2008
Guy that let his ex boyfriend fuck in him the ass but denies it.
Girl: how many sex partners have you had?
Someone in you or you in them?

Guy:I've banged 3 dudes. I didn't get banged, I banged.

Girl: you let your boyfriend bang you and you liked it. Fickert.
by Siimp January 21, 2010

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