A fingerboard forum named FingerFlipInc.
A place where fingerboarders go to to discuss fingerboard issues.
Most of the older people on the Forum are constantly out to get the younger fingerboarders for no reason whatsoever they go on about how all the new people T1pE L1eK dIs nD bump everything.

The forum is supposed to be fun but all the trolls like Alex moores,jesse wormald, simon cartledge and Kyle Friend to name a few are always making everyone unable to enjoy the forum.
Bill: Wow these new tech deck products look Sick!!!!11one

Simon: No tech deck are just a Fu*k off of decent products they don't care about the scene. Now get off of FFI.
#fingerboard #troll #blackriver #fingerboarding #bad #spelling
by Imatrololo July 21, 2011
Top Definition
A common acronym that is used to say "For the Fun of It" in a fast way.
Harry: What was that good for?
Dennis: Just ffi.
#lol #rofl #lmao #roflmao #ftfoi
by Zyfo April 23, 2006
FFI is short for Finger Flip Inc, a fingerboard forum. Even though it is a fingerboard forum people go there to get into fights about every little thing(mostly non fingerboard related). Also a place were everyone likes to suck up to the FlatFace team and get on there good side just because they are better than most(even though some of the team sucks) of us that makes them superior to most. But there is still a lot of cool people on ffi that aren't cocky or complete dumbasses and fingerboard just to fingerboard.

Joe: Hey look at this thread in chit chat
Bob: What? Another fight?
Joe: How did you know?
Bob: It's ffi.
#ffi #finger flip inc #tech deck #fingerboard #flatface #no comply #homewood #black river ramps #brr #mike schneider
by Iistheman July 20, 2009
friends finding igloos
they are ffi
#igloo #friends #friendship #searh #eskimo
by alfjasi November 21, 2010
Fresh From India

another way of saying freshie lol
i think it's cause he's ffi
#ffi #freshie #fresh from india #fresh #india
by iwantmejerkchicken July 02, 2010
Fatal Familial Insomnia- I can't get passed stage one sleep and its slowly turns your brain into mashed potatoes it really sucks. its rare though
If you know somebody in your family has FFI seek medical attention immediately
#insomniaddict #insomnia #sleep #r.e.m. #late night infomercials
by hoodexperience May 31, 2010
Finger Flip Inc. A fingerboard forum were all the cool techdeckers go.
Jim: I want to be cool.
Bill: Go to ffi.
#ffi #cool #techdecking #fingerboard #buttsex
by George W. Hairy Bush April 02, 2007
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