It's the abbreviation for a webcomic called Freedom Fries. It stands for, "Freedom Fries".
"Skippy is the main character for FF"
by Mirosui Onitsaki May 31, 2005
Fully Farmed (Term used in Silkroad Online)
Person 1: Hey is your char FF
Person 2: Ya he has 75k sp rite now xD
by b1015? June 11, 2009
Fred Figglehorn. This weird guy on youtube, with a high voice, and with no life. His name is Lucas, and he's an acter. He's number 1 on youtube. Well he was until Smosh took over. Or maybe that was niggahigga.
1. I unsubscribed to FF!
2. He's very annoying.
3. I know.
by 1992peter February 14, 2010
Front engine, Front wheel drive

A vehicle with its engine located in the front of the car, powering the front wheels.

Front wheel drive was popularized in the late 1970's / early 1980's by Japanese and European automobile manufacturers. Initially used in economy cars as a way of maximizing interior space, minimizing weight, and lowering manufacturing costs. Marketing was initially aimed at female drivers, claiming that FF cars were easier to drive.

FF layout cars are at a disadvantage performance wise due to the fact that the front wheels perform the double duty of steering and accelerating the vehicle. As much as 70% of the car's weight will often rest on the front wheels due to the forward placement of the engine, transmission, differential, and driveshafts. Because of this, FF cars tend to understeer (push) upon exiting a corner under power. Despite their disadvantages, FF cars tend to do well in races based on production cars where they can take full advantage of their light weight.
Despite being FF, the Integra Type R is a top contender at autocross due to it's light weight, limited slip differential, and powerful engine.
by Sketch October 14, 2004
fortissimo! magicians use this to entice young boys.
Pavarotti likes ff a lot. He has a big belly.
by i_done_no_poo_here April 06, 2004
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