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The best striker in the whole Premiership. A very skilled, fast and technical player. He rips through the oppositions defence and makes his presence known imidiately.

Fernando Torres is better than anyone on the Man United midfield.
by Rumo March 01, 2008
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A young talent striker with amazing skills who has carried athletico madrid for years despite the fact he is only 22.Recently linked with a move to the English premiership
Fernando torres is the heart and soul of the Athletico madrid team and a crucial player for the national team.
by Jonny123 July 16, 2006
Amazing spanish soccer player. He's only 22, one of the greatest strikers. he plays for spains national team and is the captain for club atletico madrid, his number is 9 for both teams. not only is he great at football (soccer) he's also great looking- hes got the eyes,smile, cuteness,abs,biceps,legs and ASS. HOTTEST SOCCER PLAYER EVER!
person : damn i saw this soccer player he was so fucking hot! but i dont know who he is, i just know hes number nine

me: o. thats got to be fernando torres! lol
by jess<3 March 03, 2007
basically, the hottest piece of ass on the soccer field.
Lisa: hey, who's that guy on spain's national team with the amazing facial structure and hair?
Jessica: That's Fernando Torres.
Lisa: I want him.
Jessica: fuck off, he's mine.
by putaporfavor July 28, 2010
fernando torres is the one of the best strikers in the world and is extremely talented when it comes to scoring goals, modeling, not being able to speak english and looking super hot!!!
he had the best abs and is a grass devouring sex tornado!!!
that guy is total fernando torres
he is freaking hot!
look at his washboard abs
by jen z October 31, 2009
A footballer (soccer) that has made David Blaine jealous by beating the world record for doing nothing in a box.
Fernando Torres has extended his world record after another 90 minutes of nothing in the box.
by rabbidrabbidrabbid April 23, 2011
A garbage striker, who misses everything, including his dinner!
Ok, Fernando Torres
by LolArsenal March 12, 2014

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