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Money, mostly used by Latinos

A fair
Ey homie you got any feria? I gotta get some buds...

Let's go to the feria.
by Serio April 28, 2006
Awesome festivals that take place in Andalusia at the south of Spain and other cities of the country with attractions, lots of stalls and tons of beautiful women dressed with flamenco outfits.

For young and not so young people, the feria is a place to spend the day or night with your friends, dancing and with lots of alcohol involved. Best time of the year to get laid in Andalusia.
If you go to Cordoba, try to go at the end of May, when it takes place the feria! Your eyes will pop out after seeing so many gorgeous women in those gipsy dresses!
by Aemon February 29, 2012
money $$$, puerto rican (boriqua)
The Daddy Yankee concert is gonna be expensive, so I've been saving all my feria.
by diegogirl81 March 13, 2005
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