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a word to ask if someone is telling the truth.
are you ferserious about going to that movie? it looks so lame.
by Danielle August 23, 2004
For serious;Serious; Seriously.
Ususaly as a question.
"Oh my gosh! Are you fer' serious?"
"Yeah guys. I'm fer' serious!"
by Steven From Lansing Michigan! February 28, 2005
A combination of the phrases "for real" and "seriously". The two are combined to form "for-serious", adapted later to "ferserious" meaning "really serious." Most commonly used in question form.
"When I first heard that Anna and Billy were going steady, I didn't think it was ferserious, so I asked outloud 'Are you ferserious?!?'"
by Niki Williams August 16, 2003
To answer back to something that you can't believe
Boy-did you see that Britney Spears shaved her head?
Girl-Fer serious?
by K'lee February 29, 2008
an exclamation meaning "are you serious"
Holy crap, are you fer serious!?!
by Caitlyn Comintary October 25, 2007