the greatest song on earth and some other planets maybe,by the medic droid!!!! it is way addictive and stuck in my head at the moment for that matter...
pulled up at a stop light,did drugs on the dashboard,look at the mess we've made tonight,kick off your stilettoes, kick off your stilettoes, and fuck me in the backseat,fuck me in the backseat... fer sure maybe,fer sure not,fer sure eh,fer sure bomb!".........."you got fucking giz on my back, where'd you put my panties?" "i threw them out the window bitch,shut the fuck up!!!!"
#stilettoes #fer sure #panties #mess #dashboard
by CaMi VaNiTy December 01, 2007
Top Definition
Definition 1: The name of a The Medic Droid song.

Definition 2: You know it, yes, mhmm, duh.
Fer sure maybe; fer sure not.
#yes #mhmm #you know it #no way #the medic droid #fer shure
by Deeee. May 28, 2007
for sure, most definitely, hell yeah.
"hey servando wanna marklar?"
"fer sure"
by eson December 16, 2003
best song on the face of the planet by the medic droid
Fer sure maybe, fer sure not, fer sure EH, fer sure bomb.
"we're not falling inlove we're just falling appart"
#medic droid #fer sure #song #ster-gang #haha
by EmSauce October 03, 2007
Another way to say for sure or definitely, except way cooler sounding. Used a lot by scenesters and hip people. Became very popular after The Medic Droid released there song titled "Fer Sure".
"Sup steph are you goin to that show tonight?" " Yeaa fer sure!"

"Omg myspace me fer sure!"
#definitely #no #yeah #fo sho #fersure. duh
by SexxyStephy December 03, 2007
Abbreviated slang term for "for sure"

Similar to the word fosho
You gonna hit up that party?
#fersure #fosho #fasho #for sure #sure #foshizzle
by jtmo July 31, 2008
A term in which you are 100% agreeing with someone or 100% sure of something

something you say at random

usually said with great emphesis
John: you think nikki is hot

Jeff: FERSURE!!!!!!!
#surfer #slang #agree #yes #west high
by mr meadows August 07, 2009
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