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Basically an emphasis of for real. It comes from "fer serious" which is how people with bad grammar would say it. (Also "fo' cereal" or "fo' serious")
-Dude, I got free porn now.
-Fer cereal?! Awesome.
by Chris Leyva October 20, 2004
means seriously or for seriously, used during sarcastic remarks and regular conversations.

"The other day Jenna was all like "I ate food for breakfast" and I was like "No. . . Fercereal?"


Lilly- "Tony and Sarah are dating!"

Kara- "No way! are you Fercerial?"
by MikkiDoodles November 24, 2010
Are you serious??
Tiimmy: My mom got hit by a flying magic ice cream truck with 26 legs and a robo reptar cereal box arm!!

Jimbo: are you Fer-cereal?!?!?!?!!!?
by Rawrpeople April 24, 2010
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