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An adjective referring to something that is very good, stylish, hip or otherwise positive. Beyond all trends. It may be used in the place of of words like: sick, strong, cool, dope, awesome, sweet, ill, fly, and dirty.
1) that play was so feq
2) i love this song, its so damn feq
3) Feq!!!!!!!!
4) Those shoes are so feq
5) Big Black is feq!

by Jeffrojet January 21, 2008
11 0
The equivelent of fuck, but in more appropriate terms. Use this when in school, church, or the presence of an adult. My also be used as an adjective.
I hate this feqing homework.
Go feq yourself.
My english teacher is a Feq.
by Da Chili May 25, 2005
5 13